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Practice for Reiki / Energetic Bodywork

Update: At the moment I do not offer any treatments

The treatment

During a treatment at my practice, energy is activated from a state of relaxation.
In a society in which “doing” is considered more important than “being”, we hardly get around to processing and integrating the many experiences in our daily lives. Receiving an energetic treatment is an opportunity to give yourself time for this.

Reiki is the technique that forms the basis of my sessions. From there I work intuitively with Universal Life Energy. Through me placing my hands on your body, that energy helps to cleanse, restore and heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Despite this gentle approach, a session can provide significant movement in your system. Depending on what you need in this time of your life.

A treatment:

  • relieves physical, mental or emotional pain
  • supports the self-healing capacity of the body
  • provides relaxation
  • helps to clear out energetic blockages
  • brings clarity and stability
  • activates the release of toxins in your body
  • connects you to your inner power and wisdom

Before the session:

  • The price of a session is € 70,-.
  • The session takes 1,5 hours in total. One hour for the treatment and half an hour for the introduction and the ending.
  • When booking a session, try to schedule as little activities as possible afterwards. Give yourself the space to feel what you need in the moment.
  • Do not eat too much in advance and wear something that is warm and comfortable.

During the session:

  • You will be lying on the table both on your back and on your stomach. You will remain dressed throughout the whole session.
  • I will place my hands on different parts of your body to facilitate the flow of life energy. The energy will then go to where it is needed the most.
  • During the session you may experience different sensations and/or emotions.

After the session:

  • The day(s) after the session you may experience some effects on a physical and/or emotional level. Know that this is still part of the healing process and that things have been set in motion.
  • Be very gentle with yourself. Try to just be with the feelings that may arise.

About me

Merel de Haan

With my hands I have drawn, embroidered, sewn, sawn, painted, etched, screen printed, cut, and photographed. And then in 2016, I discovered that I can also heal with them. That I can activate rejuvinating energy.
It is the same energy that flows through my hands during the process of creating, but now fueled with the intention to heal.
Through my interest in bodywork I was introduced to Reiki. It instantly felt both magical and very natural. Ever since this introduction I use it daily and I continue to explore its power and its possibilities.

Click here to see what my hands create.

“During and after the treatment it felt as if I “have opened more, have started to feel, see and hear everything more intensely.’ Recommended for anyone who wants to connect to themselves on a deeper level.”


“…My belly and legs became particularly restless during the treatment, but this quickly subsided and at the end of the treatment those were the places in my body I felt some sort of space, a relief, that was felt even stronger the next day. I became more perceptive.”


“I came to Merel twice and during both of those visits a lot has happened. The first time a lot of emotions were released, the second time I felt powerful and “flowing” after the session. A very warm, calm and nice enviroment in which everything is allowed to arise as it happens.”


“…In the days after the session I noticed the thoughts in my head slightly clearing. A lightness came over me, something that I had lost along the way. I seem to be able to manage my stress better and I haven’t had feelings of panic anymore. My body feels relaxed, the stiffness in my back and my neck is somewhat gone. Also my period (which started two days after the session) feels different than before.”


“What a nice first Reiki-experience. Merel is very aware of what areas require attention. Acknowledging this already make you feel some sort of relaxation and activation at the same time, without the urge that something needs to be “fixed”."


“My throat chakra clearly needed attention. You helped me by guiding my breathing which was very pleasant. When after that I asked for the blanket I instantly received ‘sparkles’, purely by speaking out.”


“It was blissful to receive Reiki from Merel. It brought me to a place were I could feel that, in essence, everything is right. It also felt as if tiny lights were switched on in every cell and I was charged. Afterwards, I felt activated in a nice way, connected and calm. The next day I was able to do tons of work without it taking me any effort. Very beautiful to receive this.”



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    Merel de Haan
    1098 AW Amsterdam


    tel. : +31 6 49 76 04 81

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