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Practice for Energetic Bodywork

The session

What if you would consciously give your challenges on a
physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level, the attention
that they now unconsciously demand?

My intention for an Energetic Bodywork session is to create the circumstances in which you feel relaxed and invited to drop deeper into yourself. Reaching your essence, your own truth.
I will support your process by using touch. Energetic, light, or firm like a massage. Based on what I feel, see and hear in the moment. I also ask you questions and encourage you to express yourself, through word or sound.
You might experience sensations, see images and hear words. Reaching layers where you encounter emotions such as sadness, anger and fear.
By compassionately paying attention to yourself in this, you create spaciousness. For liberating insights, for tapping into your self-healing capacity and for anchoring firmly in your autonomous self.

  • The duration of a session is 1.5 hours. One hour for the hands-on part and half an hour for the introduction and the ending.

  • During a session you lie down on a massage table, while being fully clothed.

  • During a session you may experience different sensations and/or emotions.

  • Make sure you plan as little as possible after a session. This way you can decide what you need, depending on how you feel in the moment.

  • A session often continues to “work” you for several days. The more space you make for what wants to be felt afterwards, the more you will benefit from it.

  • For the sessions I created woolen blankets. These blankets support your process in a magical way. All of them with their own special traits.

  • Do not plan a session during the days of your menstruation, but around them.

For whom

  • Do you experience physical pain, challenges on a mental, emotional or spiritual level?

  • Do you want to restore confidence in your own knowing?

  • Do you long for clarity, focus and solidity?

  • Are you curious and willing to meet yourself with dedication and openness?

    You are welcome with your hope, your despair, your frustration, your curiosity, your shame, your uncertainty, your desires, your confusion, your sadness, your doubts and your state of overwhelm.

    Come with you willingness to rediscover and embrace yourself.

What you have said

"I feel more softness, connection and confidence. You have made the unconscious tangible. That enabled me to send healing energy to those parts in myself, and continue to do so. This also helps me a lot in my relationship to others. Before, I was often tempted to think in extremes, but now I embody the different shades of grey and colors of the rainbow. I have found more nuance, feel rounder and fuller. It is also clearer to me what comes from within and what comes from outside. Therefore I experience less danger. I was not aware of it, but I now realize that a high degree of alertness is ingrained in me. The feeling of being “under treath”. Now I am more aware of the fact that I am safe, and that this safety lies within myself. First it was as if a harness was switching itself on or off, but I was not able to operate the switch myself. Now it feels like a rotary knob over which I have a certain amount of control."


"A session with Merel is an interaction between two bodies. It is a kind of dance, a dynamic exchange of feelings, thoughts and sensations in the body. It is also a training ground, where you can learn to feel your body more clearly, in a safe and familiar environment. To feel what your body is telling you and what it needs."


"Merel is very good at noticing what my needs are and also asks me to express them myself. That makes me feel safe and helps me realize that I can trust my needs. Shame is a big topic for me. And with her approach, we are tackling that together. She also takes me out of my comfort zone. By making sounds together, for example. Merel pays attention and takes her time. Where with a therapist I was sometimes thinking to myself: “Oh you're watching your clock” or “There's something else on your mind”, she doesn't give me that feeling. That makes me feel incredibly seen, heard and - also physically - pampered. The sessions have given me back my confidence in my own body. And also the trust in the touch of the other. Merel creates the space to boundlessly feel: there is no such thing as weird and I don't have to apologize for anything. I can express myself in a way that feels right for me.”


About me

Merel de Haan

In various ways I wholeheartedly commit myself to a life of discovery. Doing so with dedication, joy and pleasure. To curiously (un)learn and play.
I have largely developed my knowledge and experience in the field of energetic bodywork as an autodidact. Learning through courses and trainings make up a modest part of this.
The methods, knowledge systems, practices and forms of expression that I have found incredibly valuable for my own path, such as Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Breathwork, expressive dance, Hypnotherapy, Menstrual Cycle Awareness/Cyclical living, Reiki, Somatic Experiencing, Tango, The Wheel of Consent and Yoga provide me with the tools that enable me to become who I am. So I can be of service to the best of my abilities.

If you appreciate a theoretical analysis of your complaints, you will certainly find someone who is better equipped in this.
Do you attach less value to this and feel curiosity towards my autonomous approach? 
Either way, I look forward to meeting you and guiding you with uninhibited, loving attention and presence.

Click here to see what my hands create.


  • Energetic bodywork session € 90,-
  • Package of 4 sessions € 340,- (valid for one year)

You can reschedule or cancel the appointment up to 24 hours in advance by email or by contacting me by telephone.
If you reschedule or cancel within 24 hours in advance, you will be charged for the reserved appointment.


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